..Pot of Honey #atozchallenge #fiction

Second part of “The Pot of Honey…”

The Colca Canyon Mine chamber would support bee’s that manufactured Elvish Honey, the rarest, and most expensive honey, on the planet.

The hives were transported from the Saricayir Valley to Peru.  After the first season, the hive was at maximum output. The honey was indistinguishable from the Saricayir Valley honey.

 Ramallah enlisted honey brokers to acquire the Elvish Honey. Two thousand bottles were secure in a private bank vault in Panama. He then persuaded millionaires from all over the world to drive the price to an unobtainable cost. News was leaked from Turkey: production had stopped, the season’s crop had been destroyed, future production was at risk. Prices climbed from 28,000 euros to the point where enthusiasts were willing to pay a million dollars for one 170-gram bottle.

One year later, at the Anti-Corruption Conference in Durban, South Africa, Ramallah was having a conversation with Muhammad Fayyad. Ramallah was quite aware that Prince Hassan Haifa al Abd was eavesdropping.

“To think I have the last jar on the planet.” Ramallah walked away.

The next morning Ramallah was contacted by Lairs Swoboda, a commodity broker in Stockholm.

“I have a client who is interested in bidding on your jar of Elvish honey.” Swoboda stated.

“Who said I have such a thing?” Ramallah asked.

“I am unaware of how my source obtained his information. My client would like to offer five-million dollars.”

“A Russian  has offered nine in gold bullion. Tell your buyer to offer ten in bullion.”

“I will communicate with the buyer.”

“Tell your client he has until noon tomorrow.”

“I’ll be in touch. Thank you for your time,” Swoboda terminated the call.

Swoboda made another call knowing the answer.

“My client tells me he will offer ten million in gold bullion, but the bidding’s closed. No counteroffers can be made. ” Swoboda conveyed.

“Agreed. I’ll send you my account number, and your client can transfer the funds. I will then dispatch a courier with the merchandise for the buyer’s agent to inspect,” Ramallah said.

“That will be fine. I will send the address in a text.”

“Thank you, good day.” Ramallah was close.

The transaction was complete on Tuesday. Ramallah knew Rashmi would gorge on honey. Saturday, Rashmi was found dead in his bedroom. The BBC reported that Rashmi was under investigation for embezzling over two hundred million dollars in precious metals and gems from a foreign trust. A source told the BBC that Rashmi had died from an Opium overdose.

At OPEC, Yasser Abd Ramallah was offered the nomination for Regent and asked if he would be interested in accepting the Chairman’s position at the Oslo Accords. Ramallah accepted with grace and dignity.

Ramallah alone knew that honey intoxication, known as grayanotoxane poisoning, killed Rashmi.

One thought on “..Pot of Honey #atozchallenge #fiction

  1. newtlivesay April 10, 2022 / 10:32 pm

    Only the greedy and gluttonous will ever dance with the bees and suffer the Mad Honey Disease.

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